We would like to present the English website of Hotel New Mitoya. Our hotel is located in the Akiu district of Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture. You can enjoy your stay while soaking in any of the three large bathing areas with plenty of warm water, or for a change, in one of the sixteen medium-sized baths. You can reach the hotel by taxi or train from Sendai Railway Station or Sendai Airport. Shuttle bus service is available from Sendai Railway Station to the hotel. We will be waiting for you at our hotel, located in the center of the Akiu hot spring resort of Miyagi prefecture.

  • Ume no sho
  • Suishinkyo
  • Gekkyuden


Being able to stay in a spacious, pleasant guest room, relaxing and chatting with your friends - these are some of the joys of making a trip. In order to enjoy these pleasures, our hotel provides comfortable guest rooms so that guests can completely rest and relax. Among the rooms are popular ones with a half open-air bath, as well as Western or Japanese-style rooms for enjoying your precious time.


The attraction of Hotel New Mitoya is no doubt its hot spring baths. Our hotel is so popular that we have sixteen baths of different sizes! Please enjoy soaking in many baths to relax and recover from the tiredness of your daily life. The Akiu hot spring baths have been loved by visitors for their abundant warm water since the Kofun Period.


One pleasure you will no doubt expect after arriving at a hot spring hotel is dishes that you cannot eat in daily life.
In Hotel New Mitoya, we prepare dinner using local and natural ingredients carefully selected by our chef. As for breakfast, a popular all-you-can-eat-buffet is prepared for couples, family members and other guests.


We have so far received good comments from guests coming from urban areas, on the lounge, the restaurant and the natural view from the windows of the guest rooms. Walking around the Japanese garden of the hotel in the morning and evening is delightful. Refresh yourself on your trip by feeding the carp in the pond.


The aim of our hospitality is to make all our guests feel like coming again to our hotel. In order that all the guests can enjoy their trip, we, the staff of Hotel New Mitoya, are waiting for you with hospitality that comes from the bottom of our hearts.

Please feel free to book your travel 022-398-2301

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